EXACT-STATS PROSPECT, Version of 27-Aug-96

This notice is to brief you about the list  exact-stats  and how to
subscribe to it.

The  exact-stats  list is operated at the UK Mailbase hub - the list server 
address is  mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk .

The purpose of  exact-stats  is to provide a forum for specialist
exchange of information regarding the concepts, use and programming of
randomisation/re-randomisation statistics and allied procedures.  The aims 
are partly academic (including the production of reference materials) and 
partly to promote the wider use of these techniques which have recently 
become feasible computationally.

exact-stats is a closed list, which means that you cannot subscribe
yourself directly.  The closed nature of the list is in order to encourage
academic subscribers with a long-term interest in this area but who
would not wish to spend time and effort in dealing with volumes of 
unfocussed e-mail  such as can occur on some general lists.

Although  exact-stats  is a closed list for subscription and thus for
participation in discussions, the files of  exact-stats  can be read by
anyone.  Files at present available include :

        prospect        (this message)
        introduction    (message sent to each new subscriber)
        rtpackages.txt  (a listing of commercial program sources for
                         randomisation tests etc.)
        bibintro.txt    (information regarding the bibliography files)
        bibliogen.txt   (bibliographic collections on aspects of 
        biblioalg.txt   (tests, including algorithms (biblioalg.txt) and)
        bibliopre.txt   (a recent/reprints section (bibliopre.txt).  File
        bibliocom.txt   (bibliocom.txt is the sum of the other three file)
        glossary.txt    (explanations of terms specific to the topic area
                                of  exact-stats )
        pfishpas.txt    (a distributable program (Pascal source) for
                         the Fisher Exact Test on 2x2 tables of counts)

To view files send a 1-line (no headers or footers) e-mail message as
follows :

        to:             mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk
        message:        send exact-stats <filename>

    (NB : the filename typed should not include the '<''>' characters)

In addition to the publication files listed here above, you can also use 
the  send  command similarly to obtain the monthly archive discussion files 
of  exact-stats .  These archives have filenames of the form  <year>-<month> 
- e.g.  1996-07  .  The host Mailbase system keeps the archives available in 
this way for just 12 months from the date when the messages were broadcast.

If you wish to subscribe to exact-stats, then you must send e-mail to :
jw34@liverpool.ac.uk , stating that you have read this  'PROSPECT'
message and wish to subscribe.  You should also state your name.